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UK State is opening up official information for businesses and consumers, linking to government and official bodies. 

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e-government watch
The e-government newsletter keeps you up to speed with the latest government initiatives to get the UK online.
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Local Services

Use our Local News Links to find your local newspaper online, discover your community's vital statistics with Upmystreet, or look up street maps online. 

Your Government
How are laws made
Do you know how a law is made? Do Bills start in the House of Commons or the House of Lords? What is the Committee stage and what is Royal Assent? See this 'snakes and ladders' graphic for a simple explanation of how legislation is created, debated and approved.
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Credit Cards

It can be a dilema trying to find the right UK credit cards today with the higher interest rates and the bad 'state' of our debt.  Let us engage you in a summary of all UK credit cards with gas rebates then a touch of Air Miles and cards from leading hotel chains. 

UK Life and Death Choice Moment
Confederation of British Industry (CBI) annual meeting As the UK's largest business lobby, CBI to bring the British Government is not good news

UK Immigration Policy and the Global War on Talent Examined by Business Immigration Law Expert Thalej Vasishta
Gordon Brown's recent announcement regarding proposed changes to UK immigration policy is a response driven by a fear of the far right 'stealing' labour voters rather than sound economic justifications. Business Immigration law expert, Thalej Vasishta, examines the proposals and explains why the proposed changes will in fact harm the British economy.

Keith Schilling Rated Tenth Most Influential Lawyer in the UK
Keith Schilling, senior partner and founder of Schillings, was placed tenth in a recent list of the hundred most influential and powerful lawyers in the UK.

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